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Cloud Disconnect: Is Android Falling Behind On the Cloud Front?

With all the hoopla about Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and how it’s a “radical rethinking” of Android, I feel like all the praise is somewhat contrived.

Needless to say, I’m excited to try ICS to see if my quick impressions of it from all the videos and keynotes are true..I really want to be proven wrong. 🙂

There’s still a few more important fish to fry that I wished Google would have taken the time to sweat over instead of what’s seemingly a new font here and there, this is but one example:

Ever since Windows Mobile 6, you can remotely wipe and locate your Windows Phone through MyPhone: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/my

Blackberries can remote wipe/locate/ring through Blackberry Protect: BlackBerry – BlackBerry Protect

iOS has Find My iPhone: Apple – iPhone 4S – Locate your missing iPhone with Find My iPhone.

Even webOS has this functionality: http://kb.hpwebos.com/wps/portal/kb2…/44616_en.html

Where does Android stand? Well if you have a Motorola phone that uses a Blur login you get this functionality: MOTOBLUR – Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

Samsung offers DIVE: www.samsungdive.com

Ditto a HTC phone that supports htcsense.com: https://www.htcsense.com/en_US

Even the above mentioned options aren’t perfect solutions. Motorola’s getting away from using blur accounts, and pieces of htcsense.com are routinely blocked by carriers. Samsung DIVE suffers a similar fate as htcsense.com on US devices. More importantly, these services don’t take into account that there’s a huge number of Android devices that aren’t made by Motorola or HTC.

The big question is…why doesn’t Android just “have” this functionality? The pieces are there: they already (somewhat unsuccessfully) backup your apps and select system preferences, each Google account has a profile page where the “Manage Your Phone” UI could be displayed…it’s seemingly 60% there me thinks.

While there are apps in the Market that do this, one shouldn’t have to pay for what is basic functionality on other OS’s/other brands of android devices. That, and it leads to a disjointed user experience: “I want to secure my phone..oh no so many choices…which one…”

Android is one of the most cloud connected mobile operating systems in the world, enhancing cloud services should have been a priority over changing the font or the launcher appearance.


EDIT: I’ve edited the post to reflect that I haven’t played with Ice Cream Sandwich and shouldn’t really judge it until I’ve tried it.


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