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Something Big is Coming… but when?

Google and Samsung know how to build and manufacture impressive devices, but both companies have no idea how to launch them– case and point the Galaxy Nexus. Originally thought to be launching to combat the launch of the iPhone 4s, the launch of the Galaxy Nexus has been an absolute mess.

Google and Samsung had all of the dominoes properly aligned to have a stellar launch for their new Android flagship: a huge amount of pre-launch hype and rumors, stellar hardware and a fresh version of Android. The tech world and Android enthusiasts had been following rumors for months about Galaxy Nexus, and it seemed as if a huge launch was inevitable. Following all of this hype came the initial teaser video posted online by Samsung which gave us a glimpse of the device, and finally an announcement of the announcement date for the Galaxy Nexus.

We then however learned that the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus was delayed in order to not take away from the death of Steve Jobs. This seemed like a respectable move on Google’s part and was one of the few well planned portions of the launch of the Galaxy Nexus. After the delay, enthusiasts waited for a new announcement date, which was planned for October 18th in Hong Kong.

October 18th finally came and the Galaxy Nexus was fully revealed. Samsung and Google made a great presentation that showed off the impressive hardware, and also showed Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time. The only big questions that were not answered at this launch event were price, and release date—which was the first sign that this was not going to be a smooth launch.

In the weeks that followed, Android fans and tech enthusiasts went in to a bit of a frenzy trying to figure out when the device would launch. I was among those crazed enthusiasts, visiting many Android forums and reading speculation, rumors and anger about the still in question release plans.  Eventually the device did launch across Europe on November 17th, but the US launch date and rollout plans still have not been formally announced by Samsung, Google or Verizon.  The current launch rumor is December 8th for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon—but if you follow any forums as I do, this is one of the many rumored launch dates that have been floating around for the past few weeks.

The fact that the US launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus are still a mystery is quite absurd. Google needs to take a page out of Apple’s book and announce a product, global release date and finally, release the product on the promised date. Samsung and Google have no trouble building cutting edge hardware and innovative software, but are not capable of accompanying it with the product launch it deserves.

So this is my challenge, no my plea to you Google— with future Nexus devices announce the product, announce a global release date and then… release the product! It is a simple formula but it will increase sales and also satisfy your loyal supporters. You have demonstrated that you can make a polished OS and great hardware to compete with the iPhone, so give your future devices the launches they deserve.


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