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Samsung reconsiders Android 4.0 on Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7.0

Earlier last week, Samsung’s Korean language blog sent shockwaves through the mobile community when it announced that Android 4.0 will likely not make it to the previous generation of their flagship line of phones and tablets. Many were incensed that the excuse was due to a lack of RAM and ROM available with the TouchWiz Android enhancement suite installed, due to an increasing backlash against third party UI’s and enhancements. The fact that enterprising Android enthusiasts have gotten Android 4.0 onto several Galaxy S devices without issue only increased their ire toward a company who’s update track record has been mixed at best.

Looks like Samsung’s heard the internet shouts loud and clear. The Verge is reporting that Samsung’s Korean language blog has announced a change of heart and is evaluating how to make Android 4.0 work on the Galaxy S. This is a similar situation that HTC experienced with the Desire and Gingerbread: They couldn’t fit Gingerbread and HTC Sense onto the phone without issue, in the end they ended up removing a few Sense applications in order to squeeze it onto the device. Now that they’re reevaluating the viability of Android 4.0 on the Galaxy S, it begs the question of how the update will be presented: With TouchWiz or without? The latter isn’t without precedent as Australian carrier Telstra planned to force HTC to strip out Sense on their version of the Desire’s Gingerbread update before canceling the update all together.

No statements from US carriers have been given about this situation and if it affects their carrier branded devices.

Source: The Verge


2 comments on “Samsung reconsiders Android 4.0 on Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7.0

  1. Harpz
    December 27, 2011

    Oh really?

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