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ASUS Announces Android 4.0 Upgrade Timeline for Transformer Prime; Addresses Customer Concerns

Android Central is reporting that ASUS has left a post on their Facebook page today that not only announces the upgrade plans for the Transformer Prime tablet, but also addresses customer concerns regarding GPS performance and the discovery of the Prime’s encrypted bootloader by unwitting early adopters.

Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) will apparently be hitting Transformer Prime tablets starting January 12th. While the statement released by ASUS wasn’t clear on whether the following improvements will be delivered in a separate update, but the convertible Android tablet will also gain touch response, camera focusing, and Android Market installation improvements.

ASUS has also agreed that the GPS performance isn’t ideal for those who require very high levels of accuracy and has removed the text specifying the presence of the GPS chip from packaging. Finally, the bootloader was encrypted due to Google Movies, and Asus will be providing a decryption tool shortly for those who want to take advantage of it.

Of course, the tablet’s warranty will be voided when this is performed, and you’ll lose access to Google Movies. I suspect that the latter is no loss to any of the tech savvy early adopters who have picked up the Prime though!

Source: ASUS via Android Central


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