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HTC Radiant Leaked

Earlier today, Pocketnow posted an image of what appears to be the HTC Radiant Windows Phone that is rumored to be coming to AT&T.  While the device appears to look very similar to the HTC Titan, it will differentiate itself from its near identical twin by including LTE radios. From the images, it appears as though much of the phone will be similar to the Titan, but there are some noticeable tweaks. The back casing has an updated design, and the placement of the LED flash has been switched to the opposite side of the camera.

Hardware specs for the device are not 100% confirmed but it is likely to have standard WP7 hardware: 800×480 screen, 1.5ghz CPU and 512mb ram. If the rumors are correct, the Radiant will be the second LTE Windows Phone to be released on AT &T. Since manufacturers are finally starting to build LTE capable Windows Phone, hopefully some of these devices will make their way over to Verizon (since they have no interest in high end smartphones without LTE).

Source: Pocketnow 


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