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Nokia Ace to be AT&T Hero Device?

The  Nokia Ace (previously rumored to be the Lumia 900) has been leaking all over the internet over the past few weeks. BetaNews is now reporting that the Nokia Ace will launch with a marketing campaign that will near the $100 million range. Not only that, but it also appears as though AT&T is finally going to give Windows Phone the respect it deserves, by adorning the device with “hero” status. What does this mean? AT&T will push the Ace with its own advertising campaigns through its retail stores, and finally push store associates to promote Windows Phone.

This is refreshing news, since Windows Phone is often ignored by mainstream consumers due to a lack of awareness about the platform. While AT&T has had WP7 devices for a while, you would be hard pressed to find a store associate that really advocated for the platform. With this push from AT&T to finally start promoting WP7 within stores, the platform will hopefully see the growth it deserves.

Source: BetaNews 


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