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Pantech Announces Waterproof AT&T Tablet: Clumsy People Rejoice

Craving a tablet yet afraid of spills ruining your 200+ dollar purchase? Well, according to Boy Genius Report, Pantech and AT&T are likely courting people like you with the Element. The Element is Pantech’s first tablet in the US, and while you might immediately suspect its tech credentials, it looks like the Element is finally breaking Pantech out of the low-end to mid-range doldrums.

The 8 inch tablet is packing a 1.5 GHz Dual-Core processor, Android 3.2 (also known as Honeycomb), and LTE in a package that, to these eyes, looks quite handsome in the photos.

About that waterproof angle: it’s more “Splash-Resistant” than waterproof and the ports have to be closed via rubber flaps, so you likely won’t want to enter a swimming pool with the thing. Still, for the absent-minded, it’s certainly a compelling option for those desiring a 3G/4G tablet.

It’s rumored to be available on the 8th of January for $299.99 on a 2 year contract or $449.99 without one.

Source: Boy Genius Report via The Verge


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