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Huawei Ascend P1 S Out Thins The RAZR

If you thought the Motorola RAZR was as thin as smartphones could reasonably get, then Huawei would like a bridge to sell you. They’ve announced their swvelt looking P1 S at CES this week and it’s quite the super thin powerhouse. At 6.68 mm thin, it beats the RAZR by more than a mm and has high end specs like a 4.3 inch SuperAMOLED qHD display, 8 MP Camera with LED flash, and a brawny 1.5 Ghz TI OMAP dual core processor to back those stylish looks up.

Refreshingly, at least in the press shots released by Huawei, the phone appears to be running stock Android 4.0. This would be a distinct change from a few other Huawei devices that run a set of custom enhancements on top of Android.

Huawei says that the P1 S available in several colors, with white, black, and pink available at launch in April 2012

Source: Huawei


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