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LG and Verizon Might Put An End To Hating Your Work Phone

Ah the “Work” phone. It’s a source of employee groveling for many reasons: locked down, another device to charge/keep track of, usually grossly outdated. That BlackBerry Curve 8330 that was foisted upon you last year by your company’s IT staff isn’t getting any younger…or less annoying to use in these Android and iOS happy times. Well, together with VMWare, LG and Verizon are thinking they’ve finally come up with the solution to your conundrum. Putting two phones…into one.

VMWare had showcased technology at MWC 2011 that allows you to run another instance of Android virtually on the same phone. This allows IT staff to provide a separate place for applications, files and contacts that remains secure and in their control, while you get to keep your favorite apps, contacts, and other content on the phone’s original operating system. The only piece missing was carrier and manufacturer partnerships. Until now. The Verge reports that LG and Verizon are working with VMWare on getting a handset ready for the US market “in the coming months.” Apparently they’re also using LG Revolution demo units at CES 2012 to demo the software.

It’s pretty cool stuff, so make sure you check the source link below for a look at it in action.

Source: The Verge via Engadget


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