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Motorola Releases RAZR MAXX, and RAZR Price Cut, Early Adopters Weep

Motorola has a tendency to revise hardware relatively quickly.  Ask anyone with a Droid Bionic how they felt when the Droid RAZR was announced? Ditto Droid 3 owners who shortly saw leaked pictures of the Droid 4 after it’s release. Now it’s the early RAZR adopters who get to share their pain.

Many RAZR owners feel like the phone’s battery life is a drag, especially when using the  4G LTE network it was designed for. With no way to replace the battery, you’re stuck with carrying around the charger if you’re a heavy user. Luckily Motorola heard the call and is introducing the RAZR MAXX. The MAXX bumps the RAZR’s battery to 3300 mAh, while retaining the same look and close to the same feel of the original device. What can the boosted battery do for you? Moto says that it’ll let you talk for over 21 hours or watch 8 movies in a row, for starters.

Sure the device is slightly thicker but only by a millimeter or so: 8.99 mm, and any extra battery boost would likely be a welcome addition for potential customers.

In other RAZR news, the original device gets a price cut and new colors. It’s now $199.99 on a two-year contract, and is available in white, black, and now purple.

Droid RAZR MAXX should be hitting Verizon stores in the coming weeks.

Source: Motorola


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