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Samsung Galaxy SIII To Be Revealed May 3rd

Samsung is set to finally unveil the successor to the Galaxy SII on May 3rd.  Invitations were sent out earlier this morning to a press conference that will take place in London. The invitation does not explicitly mention that this will be an unveiling of the Galaxy SIII, but the caption “The Next Galaxy” and the timing of the event seem to suggest this is the case.

The reveal of the Galaxy SIII should be an exciting one, as the Galaxy SII was a powerhouse of a phone, and still is considered one of the top phones on the market almost a year later. Samsung has a lot riding on this phone, with the iPhone 5 as eventual competition, and HTC finally bringing out some very impressive devices. It will be very interesting to see what innovations Samsung has in store, or if they simply play it safe and release a phone similar to the Galaxy SII with upgraded internals.

I personally am very excited for this launch because of the fact that it really is a big one for Samsung. If they release another beast of a phone, they will further cement themselves as the company to beat in the Android ecosystem. Samsung has been very secretive with this device, so it will be great to finally see what they have been working on for the past year.

Source: BGR


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