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HTC Titan II Review Roundup

The Titan II had the unfortunate luck to be released around the same time as the much hyped Lumia 900. It looks to be a solid update to the original Titan, with the inclusion of LTE and a much improved camera. That being said, is it enough to fight off the Lumia 900? Is it a worthy successor to the original Titan? Read on to find out what tech journalists around the web thought.

The Verge: “There are things to like about the Titan II, but it has two fatal flaws: an operating system that’s still a cycle behind… and the competition. If you’re in the market for a smartphone, be sure Windows Phone is the OS you need. At the moment it’s still in its infancy, and well behind iOS and Android in some key areas. Unless you’re absolutely committed to a still-growing platform, you might be better off with the iPhone 4 or 4S, or waiting for HTC’s own One X to arrive on AT&T.”

The Verge found that even though the camera on the Titan II was better than that of the Lumia 900, if you are in the market for a Windows Phone on AT&T, there is no reason to go with the Titan.

Engadget:” Overall, we have very few qualms with the HTC Titan II. Despite its clumsier design, it certainly has more to offer than its predecessor, which was already considered a great phone when it was released on AT&T a scant five months ago (six months if you count the European launch). But is there any reason to fork out $200 for a Windows Phone that has roughly the same feature set as the less expensive Nokia Lumia 900, which is getting subsidized beyond our wildest dreams? Unless you’re a camera enthusiast, we think your money could be put to better use elsewhere.”

Engadget seems to agree with the verge, in that they feel that the Lumia 900 is the better option on AT&T. They also liked the sleeker design of the original Titan better than the updated Titan II.

Slashgear: “You’ll have quite a time choosing between the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II – and you’ll want to hold both of them before you pop your credit card out. The Titan isn’t as iconic as the Lumia, but it’s got its high points. HTC is here for the long haul with Windows Phone, and the experience they’ve delivered here does more justice to Microsoft’s vision for smartphones than any that have come before.”

Slashgear also thought that the Titan II was a solid package, and given Windows Phone’s hardware limitations delivered on what it could. However, they again brought up the question of whether or not it was worth $100 more than the Lumia 900.

Phone Arena: “In the end the HTC Titan II is a decent upgrade to the original Titan, but it is less an upgrade and more a refresh. It is good to see HTC continue its string of 4G firsts by having one of the first AT&T LTE Windows Phone devices, and the bump to 16MP on the camera produced noticeably better videos than the original Titan did. Still, the improvements are incremental, so if you purchased the Titan recently don’t feel too left out. Everything we liked about the original carries over to the new device to go along with these improvements. Since they cannot leave their mark with software, HTC does a good job of delivering impressive hardware on the Titan II.”

Phone Arena found that the Titan II was more of an incremental update to the original Titan, but appreciated the addition of LTE and the 16mp camera. They also really enjoyed the improved voice quality compared to the original Titan.

Mobileburn: “The Titan II is a well put together phone, but its staid design pales in comparison to what is available from Nokia and its line of Windows Phone devices as well as what you can get on other platforms. The headline feature – that new 16 megapixel camera – is impressive, and is probably the best camera available on any Windows Phone smartphone, but I don’t think that it is enough to make the Titan II stand out from the pack.”

WP Central: “The HTC Titan II is an impressive Windows Phone that will give the competition a run for its money.  The Titan II does as any good sequel should do, improve upon the original.  The 4.7″ screen looks good, the fit and feel is comfortable and the 16mp camera can easily replace a stand alone point/shoot camera.  HTC has stepped up to the plate and has delivered a quality Windows Phone.  Dare I say the best on the market?”

WP Central found that the Titan II was an extremely impressive device, one that could hold its own against the Lumia 900.


The general consensus amongst tech reviewers seems to be that the Titan II is a solid update to the original Titan, and a great Windows Phone– but is not worth the $100 premium over the Lumia 900. HTC took what was already great about the original Titan (solid build quality, large vivid screen) and added LTE and and upgraded camera.

Personally, I loved the design of the original Titan and thought that the Titan II was a step back in terms of aesthetics. I loved the simple uni-body casing, and slim profile of the original Titan, and find that the multi-textured casing of the Titan II just doesn’t look as sleek or modern. Also, having owned the Omnia 7 as my personal device, I really think AMOLED screens suit the Windows Phone OS. While Super LCD screens are great, the high contrast nature of Windows Phone really shines on AMOLED screens. For me, the Lumia 900 looks to be the winner between these two Windows Phone devices.

So how do you guys think the Titan II compares to the Lumia 900? Which one would you pick?


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