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Apple Announces iOS 6

Today’s WWDC keynote didn’t disappoint those who were looking for news on the next version of iOS, iOS 6. Here’s the details on some of the largest new additions to what Apple calls “the most advanced mobile operating system.”

The Verge is reporting that iOS 6 will finally get Facebook integration similar to the Twitter integration iOS 5 recieved. Users will be able to share photos, web links, and videos on the popular social network right from within apps such as iPhoto and Safari.

Siri also gets an upgrade, gaining more knowledge about sports, movies, and other potential queries. In car integration with Siri has been greatly improved. Now users with select vehicles will be able to use the voice recognition button on their steering wheel to interact more closely with their iOS device. Dubbed “Eyes-Free Siri,” the feature will be integrated into several automaker’s infotainment systems, including units from Chrysler and Honda. Notably absent from this initial listing is Ford, who’s heavily invested in Sync and MyFord Touch. Siri also arrives on iPad.

The Maps application has finally been redesigned in iOS 6. Powered by  data and maps obtained via Open Streetmap (but with Apple designed appearance) this signifies the biggest move Apple’s made to distance itself away from Google’s services. Maps gains 3D functionality and finally recieves turn by turn navigation.

FaceTime functionality has been enhanced. Finally, you can now have FaceTime conversations over a cellular network, and integration between your Apple ID and FaceTime/iMessage has been tightened for easier use.

Apple’s also targeting apps like CardStar with Passbook. This new application will allow owners to keep an organized list of loyalty cards, tickets, and other frequently accessed information contained in one application. Anything with a barcode can be stored here.

iOS 6 will be supported on the iPad 2 and 3, the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S and the 4th generation iPod Touch.

Interestingly enough, the original iPad and the third generation iPod Touch will remain on iOS 5. Ahh the price of progress.

iOS 6 is expected to arrive this Fall.

Source: The Verge


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