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iPhone 5 Accessories

So, you’ve managed to preorder an iPhone 5? Great, but what about the accessories to go with it?

Apple’s managed to put up some of their accessories for the new smartphone today on their web store. To start, there’s the Lightning to 30 pin adapter that’ll let you hook up your iPhone 5 to your existing iDevice accessories. This is available for $29.00 USD but doesn’t ship until October. If you need added length, they’ll gladly sell you a .2 meter Lightning to 30 pin adapter for 10 bucks more.

The infamous iPod earbuds finally get a much-needed redesign. Now named “EarPods”, the new headphones are designed to be anatomically correct in most ears due to their unique shape, and a new speaker design promises clearer sound directed straight into the ear. EarPods come with an integrated mic and remote as well as a storage and travel case. They’re available now at a $29.00 USD price point.

We’re sure that Apple will flesh out the iPhone 5 accessories section as time goes on and gadget makers begin delivering their wares.

Source: Apple


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