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This Is The New iPhone 5

Apple’s press event is in full force today and as expected the iPhone 5 makes it’s debut.

The iPhone 5 finally ditches the 3.5 inch screen, moving to a 4 inch screen running at a 1136 x 640 resolution.  It features in cell touch technology as well. Driving that display is a  dual-core A6  SoC that Apple claims is 2x as fast across the board. Combined with the quad-core graphics horsepower, the iPhone 5 should continue to be a solid gaming machine. Microphones have been enhanced as well as audio quality in general.

The rear camera is thinner and smaller while remaining 8 megapixel but includes new features like precision lens alignment, a lens made of sapphire, and a dynamic low light mode. The A6 chip includes new features that promise to create better image processing and speed up image capture. Panorama mode is also supported and with iCloud the new iPhone 5 supports “Shared Photostreams”, a similar feature to Samsung’s “Buddy Photo Share”  It’ll shoot 1080p video and the front facing iSight camera will shoot 720p.

For all the data lovers out there, the iPhone now has LTE featuring a single chip, radio and dynamic antenna system. Apple promises power sipping battery life as well with 225 hours of standby time.

Physically, the iPhone 5 is taller than the 4/4S due to the new 16:9 screen, but they’ve managed to make it even thinner at 7.6 MM.  If you look at the back of the new iPhone, you’ll notice that it’s now mainly metal, likely to address concerns about the iPhone 4’s notoriously fragile glass back. As predicted, there’s a new connector for iPhone. Now it’s a 9 pin connector dubbed “Lightning” that Apple claims is far easier to use due to its reversible design. No worries if you have accessories that use the 30 pin connector: Apple will have an adapter on offer.

Of course the new iPhone will come with iOS 6 preloaded, which includes key features like improved Siri functionality and Apple Maps with Navigation. All of the software has been updated to fit the new screen size and resolution, so you can see more content like an additional message in Mail, a full week of Calendar, and an additional row of icons on the homescreen. Old apps will run in letterbox format.

The usual suspects will handle iPhone 5 sales in the US: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. It’ll be available in both black and white. In the US, it’ll be available for $199 for a 16 GB, $299 for a 32 GB and $399 for a 64 GB.

US availability for the iPhone 5 is September 21st. You can preorder on September 14th, and more countries will be able to buy iPhone 5 on the 28th.

Source: The Verge, Apple


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