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LG Confirms Bootloader Encryption on AT&T and Sprint Optimus G

LG’s banking hard on the Optimus G to reverse its flagging fortunes in the US smartphone market. With the first US use of the Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-Core processor it’s been impressing reviewer after reviewer with its speed, and has managed to garner praise for its design and build quality…something that had been a weak point for LG handsets sold here in the past. Sounds like it has all the ingredients needed to create a sales hit this holiday season on both Sprint and AT&T.

Android Central, however, has gotten word from LG that a very undesirable ingredient made its way into the Optimus G’s batter. Specifically an encrypted bootloader. Typically found on Motorola handsets, the practice has been spreading throughout Android OEM’s with even Amazon using encrypted bootloaders on the new generation of Kindle Fire tablets. While this means little for many customers, the presence of an encrypted bootloader makes hacking these devices and installing custom ROM’s a challenge, if not impossible unless a workaround is found, or LG relents.

That won’t make many Android enthusiasts happy, and considering how many enthusiasts recommend devices to friends who are less savvy, it’ll be interesting to see how well the Optimus G fares in the marketplace.

Source: Android Central


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